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Grass Cutting and Lawn Care In Guelph Ontario

At Riverwood Landscape we relieve the stress of cutting and maintaining your grass. There are many reasons why homeowners in Guelph trust their lawn maintenance to us and why you should too. No matter the reason, our friendly uniformed staff will maintain your lawn to the highest quality.

Landscape Projects

On top of offering lawn cutting and lawn care, we also offer a variety of landscape services found below. Our services are varied, but they all come with the same promise of quality, dedication, and reliability. We are licensed, insured and our uniformed staff are trained to handle all your property maintenance needs.

Take the first step to getting your yard in tip top shape for the spring and summer by scheduling an appointment today.


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Riverwood Landscape is a property maintenance company committed to providing excellent, reliable service to Guelph and Rockwood Ontario. Our services are offered to small/medium residential lots


Lawn Care

Starting with regular lawn cutting, edging, trimming and blowing, we further offer such services as - Aeration, Overseeding, Dethatching, and Lawn Rolling.

Lawn Maintenance

Riverwood provides regular weekly and bi-weekly lawn maintenance services including, cutting, trimming, edging, and blowing. Depending on the lawn - we cut to a height of 6-8 inches and leave clippings for a natural source of nitrogen.

Aeration - 

Aeration alleviates compacted soil and allows water to penetrate deeper, producing deeper roots. This service is offered in the Spring and Fall. 


Dethatching goes hand-in-hand with aeration and should be completed alongside an aerating job.

Top Dressing & Overseeding

For best results these two services should be applied in the fall. Spring is an option if there has been winter damage.


The purpose of lawn rolling is to smooth out lumps and provide a cleaner finish for the cut lawn. This cannot fix serious ruts but does contribute to a level surface. Can be services any time of year.


Garden Care

Garden Bed Edging

A clean looking edge is key to a quality garden. 


We can provide one time or regular lawn weeding as needing.


We offer coloured and pine mulch, delivered and Installed with a minimum of 1 cu yard. 



Spring/Fall Cleanup

In order to keep your yard/lawn looking best, our team is available for cleanup from April-October.

Trimming + Pruning, Shrubs and Hedges 

Early Spring Flowering Shrubs

Serviced after Blooming.

Summer Flowering Plants

Clipped in early spring or winter.

Non Flowering Plants

Trimming after new growth has completely formed, with light trimming throughout the year.



About Riverwood

Established 2017

Growing up in Rockwood and Guelph ON, Colin MacMillan & Karissa Henderson decided to offer landscape maintenance services to their home towns.

After 2 years of managing a small list of clients for an extra side income, they incorporated Riverwood Landscape in the fall of 2017. 


our PROMISE - the Double GUARANTEE

We strive to provide the best service available but mistakes do happen. We offer a complete guarantee on our services, so when a job is not up to our customers standards, we will fix it at our cost. If the job still needs work, we will pay a competitor of the clients choosing to fix it.