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Because we treat every property as though it were our own and because we’re dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction, we’re proud to offer high-quality sodding installation services that will bring your property to life.

What Is Sod?

Sod is a roll of grass that is held together by roots or thin material. It’s much easier and quicker to place sod than seeds, and did we mention, less expensive? Sod provides an instant, vibrant, and healthy lawn. We follow four simple steps when it comes to installing new grass:

Step 1: Level Surface

Prepping the area is important. It needs to be levelled and raked with a spray of water to top it. If you need a surface removed first before installation, we’ve got you covered there too. From removing old grass to patios, we’ll prepare any surface before laying your new and improved grass!

Step 2: Add & Level Topsoil

We’ll add quality topsoil and ensure it’s still nice and level for the new grass.

Step 3: Place Grass

Now it’s time to actually place the sod rolls. We’ll evenly roll out the sod (so there are no gaps) and trim the edges when necessary around sidewalks, driveways, walkways, decks, etc.

Step 4: Level & Water Grass

Once every roll is laid out, it’s time to water the new surface. It’s not necessary to worry about going out and buying a new sprinkler. We’ll schedule regular maintenance with you and do the watering for you for at least the next ten days to allow proper irrigation. It should be fertilized twice a year, but we’ll worry about that for you too!

We have all the equipment and tools necessary to give you a new lawn. Not only is it important to ensure the sodding is laid correctly with no gaps, but it’s also important to ensure it can drain properly, especially if your property is on a slope. Don’t fret about having to buy new and expensive equipment or grass seeds when you can hire a trusted, hardworking, local landscape company like Riverwood Landscaping to do the dirty work for you.

Sodding Benefits

Sodding installation is affordable and provides instant results. It also requires less maintenance than seeding, like fertilizing, herbicides, watering consistently, and dealing with mud for a longer period of time! The grass is also a more attractive lawn option and it can generate oxygen, clean the air, and prevent soil erosion.

Looking For A New Landscape Design?

Do you want your residential or commercial property revamped? Looking for less patio and more grass or more grass and less patio? If you have specific designs in mind or need to start from scratch, our landscape designers can assist with exterior furniture design, garden or sod placement, and much more. They can bring any design to life in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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