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How To Get Rid of Weeds In Interlock

  • May 5, 2020
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Interlocking brick driveway designs are both aesthetically pleasing and generally easy to maintain. This would explain the high level of popularity in many parts of our beautiful country.

However, one of the most common challenges homeowners face when it comes to maintaining this style of driveway is dealing with pesky weeds. Over time your drive will begin to age and the mortar holding the bricks together will separate., creating the perfect opportunity for weed infestation.

When left in this condition, your driveway will further deteriorate and can quickly become an eyesore. However, you are here to learn how to combat this situation, read on to learn how to most effectively combat weed growth.

How Do You Kill Weeds In An Interlock?

There are many simple ways in which you can help tackle this situation.
Here are a few of the top tips we have when it comes to taking weeds on.

  • Use Polymeric Sand
    This may seem like a simple method, but believe us it's effective. Not only will using polymeric sand provide your interlock greater stability. Sand will act as a barrier and prevent new weeds from growing. Since the weeds cannot grow, they cannot undermine the evenness of the interlock stones.
  • Cut Them Down & Pour Boiling Water!
    The steps entail cutting the weeds down to their crowns and pouring boiling water on those remaining crowns. Follow this up with spraying the crowns with a mix of four cups of water and six tablespoons of vinegar. The weeds should be effectively killed off within a couple of days of performing these steps.
  • Weed Killer
    Another option is to purchase plant-killing chemicals over the counter. Using these kinds of products is a great way to prevent weeds from populating a specific area. They are also relatively inexpensive and you can get most publically available products at a garden store or even a grocery store.

Will Vinegar Kill Weeds Between Pavers?

Using a full-strength vinegar to stop weeds growing is a cheap, yet extremely effective method of controlling weed growth long term. The great thing about this method is that vinegar is easy to find and easy to apply. All you have to do it pour it in the area between, your interlocking pavers where the weeds grow. With time, they will wilt and die, and it will take a long time for them to grow again. This prevents the need for frequent weeding of the driveway.

So... What Did We Learn?

It’s not difficult to remove weeds from your interlocking driveway, you just need to be thorough and use tried and tested methods to not only kill but also to prevent regrowth. Without question, using sand is the best way to tackle this issue as it will suffocate and prevent problems in the future. However, other strategies can help to combat those pesky weeds from ruining the structure and curb appeal of your driveway.

Our advice, make sure it is done right from the start if so the correct preventative measures can be put in place to keep your driveway looking amazing and giving you minimal maintenance headaches!

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