French Drain

Don’t risk your basement flooding or water damaging your grass, call Riverwood Landscape to install a french drain! A french drain is a useful drainage solution that moves water away from an area using a combination of piping and stone. It will blend naturally with your landscape and help protect your property.

French Drains For Your Home

Are you struggling to understand why your yard always seems so wet? Have you recently had problems with the foundation of your home or noticed you had a wet basement?

If you live on a slope, it’s particularly important that you ensure water is draining from your property correctly, otherwise, these issues are bound to happen. We know you care a lot about your hard and ensuring it stays happy, healthy, and looks its absolute best which is why we’re proud to offer homeowners our exceptional french drain installation services in Guelph, Ontario. Poor drainage can end up costing you more than you bargained for, so by contacting us today for help, we can provide you with a lifetime solution and a free estimate before diving into the installation. We strive to provide cost-effective services and guarantee that, after installing the french drain, you’ll save thousands of valuable dollars instead of putting it towards a foundation crack repair or replacing damaged goods in your basement.

What Are French Drains?

The french drain design has remained unchanged for over 160 years. It’s one of the most efficient ways to get rid of a wet yard or basement and can last a lifetime. The installation process is actually quite simple. A trench will be dug and the pipe will go in it. The most common types of pipes used and that we stand behind, are actually made from plastic. There are two types – PVC and corrugated. Both are very durable, lightweight, and easy to work with and we’ll gladly explain which we recommend for your property after inspecting the area. After placing the pipe, it will be filled with gravel, rock or sand that will help move the water through a sump pump where it will direct the water safely away from your property. Now that stormwater will be thoroughly drained through the pipe, away from your foundation, and into a rain barrel or storm drain. If you’re still experiencing a wet basement, an indoor french drain can be installed. Like an outdoor french drain, the water will collect in a sump pump and send it back outside into the drain line.

Benefits To French Drains

If you live in Guelph, Rockwood or the KW area and are experiencing drainage issues on your lawn and near the foundation of your home, there are many reasons you should consider calling us to have a french drain installed. Here are just some of the benefits french drains offer:

Protects Your Foundation

Nothing is more disappointing than noticing a foundation crack and having to spend time and money on a crack repair that can just end up happening again. French drains can protect your foundation right from the start and drive away stormwater from your home and help protect your basement.

Protects Your Landscape

Constantly having a wet landscape can negatively affect your grass and surrounding plants. The soil needs to dry in order for everything to grow properly. This can be very disappointing for avid gardeners who are looking forward to planting seeds, so let’s get a drain in as soon as possible!

Protects Your Wallet

We know what you’re thinking – you’re going to have to spend a fortune on our french drain installation services. Guess again! French drains are a relatively cheap option when it comes to reversing drainage issues and we always strive to provide competitive pricing. We’ll also happily provide you with a free estimate beforehand.

Basement Waterproofing Services

If you require help waterproofing your basement, you can rely on us. We’re trusted contractors in Guelph who have undergone the necessary training in order to ensure your home stays safe and free of water damage. We offer high-quality waterproofing solutions, sump pump installations, and foundation crack repairs. Don’t wait. Call us today so we can get to work right away. The longer the water sits in your basement, the likelier you are of experiencing mold and mildew, which can pose health risks to you and your family. We work in a timely manner so you can rest assured knowing your basement will be dry in no time.

Curious About Our Other Services?

We don’t just offer french drain installations. We’re a full-service landscaping company located in Guelph, Ontario who has been specializing in landscape construction, snow removal, garden maintenance and general lawn care since 2017. We’ve become a well-established and trusted company for many. We work all-year-round to provide the highest level of customer service possible at an affordable rate so you can always have us to rely on for any of your lawn care or property maintenance needs.

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Our trained and experienced paving contractors can offer competitive pricing no matter what type of project you’re looking for in Guelph. And, no matter what type of stone, pattern or design you’re looking for, you can guarantee we’ll have it done right the first time around. We work quickly, but efficiently. The quality of our work is never questioned or compromised. Even if you have a low budget, we don’t provide you with a lesser quality service. We strive to provide a five-star experience every time.
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