Snow Removal

Contract is based on a SEASONAL Basis
SEASONAL contract offers an "unlimited" number of plows.
Service(s) will be provided at the above address after the accumulation of (5) CM offreshly fallen snow. Blowing and drifting snow does not
constitute freshly fallen snow.
1. CFLandscapingLTD.(herebynotedasContractor)isnotatfaultornegligencewhenawinterstormdelays,excusesinpart,orexcusesinwhole
performance of services.
2. Contractor "lS" responsible for the following at the above noted address:
. lawn damage to property that is a direct result of service(s) provided
3. Contractor "IS NOT" responsible for the following at the above noted address:
. damage to the driveway from snow plowing, shoveling, or salting
r removal ofsnow via pay loading or hi-lifting

o blowing and drifting snow after service(s) has been rendered. A non-
slippery surface "IS NOT" guaranteed and Customer indemnifies

Conhactor from all claims.
. accident or injury related to snow or ice
4. Scope ol Services. CF Landscaping, upon the conditions hereinafter set forth, agrees to
perlorm snow plowing services at the following locations:
o Clear snow from driveway
. clear snow from sidewalks
. Clear snow fiom the front walk and porch

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Signed by Colin Macmillan
Signed On: September 15, 2021

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